Satelite receiver

Satelite receiver

Berichtdoor bertha » ma 27 jun 2011, 16:13

Can anyone tell me where to get a new receiver, we live in Utah, USA the old one just stopped working.
It has the Comcast world TV logo on the front . I called them but the just want you to buy their equipment for over 600 dollars and a monthly fee. And..... dont even offer dutch language TV. I'm at a loss.
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Re: Satelite receiver

Berichtdoor jw » ma 27 jun 2011, 20:07

Bertha, best to post this in 'Ontvangst' - 'Amerika' as there is more local knowledge there.
Yet, as a general rule of thumb, if the aim is just to receive BVN any free-to-air receiver will do the job. There are very sophisticated ones - at a price - and straight forward simple receivers that are very affordable. I don't know about the situation over there in beautiful Utah but over here you can buy these things in any DIY shop.
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Voor leden met ontvangst/schotel installatie vragen/problemen is het handig als zij hun locatie vermelden.
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Re: Satelite receiver

Berichtdoor BVN admin » di 28 jun 2011, 06:31

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Re: Satelite receiver

Berichtdoor pbmsmit » zo 03 jul 2011, 20:36

Comcast stopped broadcasting BVN 4-5 years ago and Globecast took over with the 'free to air' BVN. So I don't know if you have the correct dish, but if you have: Google for 'openbox s10' and you'll find where to buy it (about $129). Good box, small and you can record the programs (if you connect a harddrive). Good luck
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Re: Satelite receiver

Berichtdoor fuifnummer » ma 01 aug 2011, 23:40


Ik weet niet of je probleem opgelost is maar hier is een antwoord op dezelfde vraag door een andere forum user. Het loont overgens altijd om eerst even door het forum heen te gaan om te zien of je vraag op die manier beantwoord kan worden.

Hieronder dus het antwoord:


Ik woon vlak bij je in West Chester en heb na enige slechtere ervaringen met de receivers nu een receiver die het blijft doen. Het is de Mercury II van Fortec star. Het is een model dat niet meer wordt gemaakt maar na wat advies heb ik een deaer gevonden die ze nog heeft, of zend een email naar

Hij heet Barney en is een eerlijke dealer. Ik heb een 90cm dish maar ik zou nu een wat grotere nemen daar het signaal hier maar matig binnen komt. Zet hem geod vast want het kan hier nog flink waaien.

Een goed forum is ook

Laat dit forum je ervaringen weten

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Re: Satelite receiver

Berichtdoor Przewalski » wo 17 aug 2011, 19:55

Hundreds of different FTA receivers for sale on eBay, Amazon, etc, starting at $30.
Make sure it's an FTA receiver, not one tailored to Dish Network or one of the other capitalist ripoff companies.

Our GlobeCast SE830 also pooped out after five years of use. Satellite receivers seem more heat sensitive than the TV they're hooked up to. Hilariously, we were able to keep using the 'broken' unit for a few more weeks by putting the thing in the freezer first, like half an hour before use. But once we got to the point it had to be 'refrozen' every hour we knew its time had really come..... :( .
The new unit - a $30 one - took 10 minutes to find the TV and radio channels on AMC4/SES1 and we were back in business. Only 'difficulty' remained some of the LNB menu selections before things start working.
Satellite receivers are not yet 'plug-and-play'........ :ugeek:
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